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SmartMonitor Infant Apnea Monitor

Category: Pediatric

The Healthdyne (Respironics) 970S SmartMonitor monitors heart rate and respiration and can be programmed to give an alarm when measurements outside the programmed limits are indicated. Electrical leads are attached to the patient's chest and connected to the monitor. When heart rate and respiration are within the limits entered into the program panel, then the green heart and respiration lights on the front panel will blink. Any reading outside the programmed limits results in an audible alarm, the red Apnea or Heart (high or low) LCD will illuminate on the front panel. The 970S runs on AC power and can run on it's internal rechargeable battery for up to 24 hours if necessary. The unit has a 1.2 gigabyte memory which records up to 500 event incidents, an computer modem connection for remote monitoring, external inputs for body position sensors, a pulse oximeter.

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