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Swift FX Nasal Mask for Her

by ResMed

Category: CPAP Masks

Drawing on the strengths of the Swift LT for Her, the Swift FX for her is even lighter, softer, and more streamlined than ever, so you can look and feel more comfortable.  Its gentle fit and size range is customized to suit women.


  • Soft wraps enhance comfort at cheeks
  • Ultra-smooth 360° rotating elbow rotates with easy, fluid movement for flexibility in tube positions
  • Spring-flex lightweight tube stretches and bends uniquely for increased stability without the use of a tube retainer
  • Soft silicone headgear cushions the face gently and needs little adjustment
  • Simple headgear buckle has clearly market notches for easy adjustment
  • Additional buckle notches allow customized sizing for women's fitting needs
  • Lock and key for easy attachment and detachment of side straps
  • Low-profile backstrap with Velcro fasteners are available in small sizes
  • Pillow sizes come packaged with XS, S, and M to better fit more female users
  • Flexible pillows with trampoline action allow movement in multiple directions while keeping seal
  • Dual-wall nasal pillows seal on contact for a gentle, comfortable seal, offering a wide fit range
  • Soft, narrow cushion with integrated flexible chamber makes side sleep comfortable and maintains seal during movement
  • Quiet vents diffuse and direct airflow quietly, away from the user and bed partner
  • Offers stable performance, even at high pressures
  • Choice of feminine pink or light blue and gray Velcro backstrap, with coordinating colors available for soft cheek wraps

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